As an author you would have already considered your target audience along with your own preferences and styles.  You would have also considered your budget, the type of the publication and possibly a choice of publication houses.

My role is to assist you in crafting your manuscript into a published work of art which will be a pleasure to read and enhance your story.  To provide you with the best possible outcome, I will be able to assist you by discussing your requirements, guiding you through your choices and providing recommendations as required.

Regardless of whether your publication will be consumed in printed or digital format, the interior design can make or break a reader’s enjoyment, and comprehension.

Some of the technical things I will assist you with in your publishing journey include:

Design – cover design, graphics, structure, chapters and parts, ISBN steps, contents, front matter and back matter.  Good design makes a reader pick up your book and gains their interest.

Typesetting – what is typesetting? font choices, type size, spacing, kerning, tracking, leading, punctuation, widows and orphans, hyphens, scaling, justification, etc.  Good typography makes reading easy and pleasurable.

Layout – margins, columns, white space, running heads, footers, new chapter design, illustrations, images, captions, call outs, etc.  Good layout creates the right impression and delivers a great reader experience.

There is no one-size-fits-all and I will assist you in making your publication individually yours.

The main areas of publication I assist with are:

I use InDesign to work with you to turn your manuscripts into published works.  I provide print ready files for the printer and work with the printer to provide a proof copy you will be happy with.

Book covers
I use Adobe products to create covers based on your requirements for layout and fonts.  I work with you to provide suggestions for layout and recommendations.

Flyers and posters
I work with you to provide interesting and informative flyers and posters to promote your work.

Journals, newsletters and magazines
Using a mix of InDesign, MS Publisher and MS Word I produce well laid out journals and newsletters on a regular basis, based on the client’s contributions and their requirements..

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