Three novels (total of 850 pages) continuing the saga of Mansergh, again including maps and diagrams.

The Weight of Light – Peter Stanley (267 pp 2022)

ISBN 978-0-6489166-2-8 (paperback)

[link TBP]

Nelson and Julia Mansergh find themselves stranded in the river-side fortress of Chunar, in the company of an Austrian travelling Daguerreotypist, Egon Shumwey. Chunar houses the Bengal Army’s invalids – its retired European soldiers – as Mansergh once expected to be himself.

Golden Pagoda – Peter Stanley (281 pp 2022)

ISBN 978-0-6489166-3-5 (paperback)

[link TBP]

The East India Company is about to invade Burmah, the Kingdom of the Golden Foot. Lieutenant Nelson Mansergh is to command the Army of Ava’s smallest unit, its howitzer battery. He becomes part of the force occupying Rangoon’s great Golden Pagoda.

On Private Affairs – Peter Stanley (304 pp 2022)

ISBN 978-0-6489166-4-2 (paperback)

[link TBP]

Brevet Captain Nelson Mansergh is travelling from Bengal to Britain ‘on private affairs’ – but whose? In Austria, he becomes entangled in a shadowy game between fugitive revolutionaries of 1848 and the imperial Evidenzbureau: what do they each want of him?

More information email Peter

Remembering the Anzacs in my Family – Patricia Frith (2021)

ISBN 978-0-9581755-2-4 (paperback)

A 390 page family history book with nearly 100 letters and postcards featured and transcribed.  Also includes charts, illustrations, indexes and endnotes.

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RememberingAnzacs A4flyer.pdf

All of my family members who went to WW1 did so with the belief that they were fighting to make the world a better and safer place for those they loved. Jack, Harold, Charlie, Harry and Rolie each suffered illness and injury, but returned to Australia. Archie, Alwyn and Clarrie were all killed in action between 18 August 1915 and 14 November 1916. With letters and postcards, Remembering the Anzacs in my Family is an intimate and inspirational glimpse into the lives of a family as they lived through the hopes and horrors of war.

More information email Patricia


Pieces of the Past (2021)

ISBN 978-0-646-84726-9 (hardcover)

A 168 page family history book with over 80 charts, maps and illustrations, index and endnotes.

PiecesOfThePast B5hardcover.pdf

Every Family has a Story: Sort stories from the 2020 E.M. Fletcher Writing Competition – Family History ACT (2021)

ISBN 978-1-876393-33-5 (paperback)

A 333 page compilation of 54 stories submitted for the competition, including cover design.

[link TBP]

The 54 stories received in the 2020 E.M. Fletcher writing competition exemplify the diversity of ways that family history research can be transformed into engaging stories.  It brings together writing from entrants across Australian metropolitan and regional areas. It is this breadth and diversity that characterises the stories and the passion for family history storytelling is evident.

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Through Windows – Christine Crawford (reprint 2021)

ISBN 9780994466709 (paperback)

A 326 page novel, reprinted and reformatted, content only (cover design by Bytes ‘n Colours).

ThroughWindows B5novel.pdf

When Maida goes to care for her grandmother, she learns of the existence of an ancient stained glass window. Its ownership has long been the subject of dispute. Could Maida herself be the rightful owner?

More information contact Christine

The Cunning Man – Peter Stanley (dust jacket 2021)

Dust jacket for the first in the Mansergh series of books, created for the remaining books in stock.

TheCunningMan B5dustjacket.pdf

The Seikhs, the last unconquered state in India, and the East India Company are on the brink of war, a war that embroils a man and a woman. Sergeant Major Nelson Mansergh, Bengal Horse Artillery, is given the job of searching the Punjaub for a conspiracy among the company’s European soldiers. Julia Bracken, his unrequited love, becomes caught up in his quest for the Cunning Man.

More information email Peter

The View from Out Here – Christine Crawford (2020)

ISBN 978-099-446-671-6 (paperback)

A 289 page novel, content only (cover design by Bytes ‘n Colours).

TheViewFromOutThere B5novel.pdf

When a parent dies young, reaching that age can be confronting. From the moment Martin’s doctor gently comments that he’s reached the age his mother was when she died, Martin’s life jolts out of place. He’s soon on the road, heading into the unfamiliar Australian outback, leaving his job, home and loving wife Alison back home in Sydney.

More information contact Christine

Two novels (total of 590 pages) continuing the saga of Mansergh.  The books include maps, diagrams and illustrations.

Alienation – Peter Stanley (314 pp 2020)

ISBN 978-064-891-660-4 (paperback)

Alienation B5novel.pdf

Newly commissioned from the ranks, Second Lieutenant Nelson Mansergh is one of the Bengal Artillery’s most junior officers, responsible for keeping the cantonment free of ‘nuisances’. But with the outbreak of another war against the Seikhs he leaves his wife, Julia, to join the Army of the Punjaub as its Estates and Wills officer; just in time for the bloody battle of Chillianwallah.


The Devils Uncle – Peter Stanley (276 pp 2020)

ISBN 978-064-891-661-1 (paperback)

TheDevilsUncle B5novel.pdf

Lieutenant Nelson Mansergh of the Bengal Artillery is now on the staff of General Sir Charles James Napier, the mercurial Commander-in-Chief in India – the ‘Devil’s Uncle’. Newly a father, Mansergh must leave Julia and baby John to escort an unorthodox university don in search of the tomb of Bucephalus, Alexander the Great’s horse. At remote Nanda, Mansergh becomes embroiled in the turmoil afflicting the unhappy 75th Bengal Native Infantry, including its bullying adjutant, Rugeley.

More information email Peter

Irish Settlers in South Australia – Bernadette Thakur (2020)

ISBN: 978-064-681-897-9 (paperback)

A 231 page family history book with over 70 charts, maps, illustrations, index and endnotes.

IrishSettlersInSouthAustralia B5familyhistory.pdf

IrishSettlersInSouthAustralia A4flyer.pdf

The story of two families: the O’Toole family from County Wicklow and the Hayes family from County Galway. The O’Tooles arrived in South Australia in 1840 and the Hayes family in 1849. In the first decades after their arrival they struggled as poor farmers on small 80-acre blocks of land in the districts north of Adelaide. When, in 1869, it became possible to buy land on credit, they joined the migration of settlers into the Mid North. From their origins as impoverished tenant farmers in Ireland, they became respectable landowners in South Australia.

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