How much will it cost?

I supply a written quote for each project. This quote is based on the number of words, the style of the document and if we need to work on a design brief or a brief has been supplied. A straightforward manuscript with a minimal amount of styling and with design brief supplied will commence at $15 per 1000 words based on 40,000 words or above.

Price increases with complexity. Complex styling, charts, images, footnotes. endnotes and indexes all add to the time for design work. The quote includes sample pages supplied, revisions to sample pages until approved and supply of first pages. Any further corrections are charged out at an hourly rate.

What do I need to provide to get a quote?

Things we need to be able to give you an accurate quote

  • If possible, supply word document for review
  • Total Word count
  • Details of any required picture section(s)
  • Count of any tables and graphs
  • Are there footnotes and or endnotes
  • Is an index required?
  • Page proofs – will you required PDFs or printed pages, or both?
  • Final file format – Print only, Digital only, or both?
  • Do you require cover files to be converted for Lightning Source?

What will I need to supply?

You to provide your final manuscript/document as a Microsoft Word document. A styled document is useful, but it is not necessary. You will need to provide responses to the attached questions, which makes up a detailed design brief.

What kind of image quality do I need to provide?

Low-res positional images can be supplied at the first stages for layout purposes. I will need the highest resolution images possible for the final pages. The larger the image file – the better the print quality. Files must be at least 500k. However larger than this is preferred and can be provided separately to the document. Please ensure that copyright clearance has been obtained and proper attribution of images is also supplied.

How long with it take?

This will depend on the size of the document/manuscript and current workload. The date for first pages to be supplied will be clarified at the quoting stage, but generally it will be a minimum of two weeks.

Do you provide ISBNs?

In most instances clients arrange for and supply the ISBN, however it can arrange if required.

Do you offer a printing service?

If required, I can supply you with a quote for printing using one of my preferred suppliers. Alternatively, I am happy to work with your chosen print service.

Your question not in the list?

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