I began my journey in the publishing world as a teenager. My father was a book binder and worked for a publishing house until he retired. My first job was holiday work at the same publishing house and after high school I went to work there as a typesetter in the newly formed computing area which was gradually transitioning their publications suite from the old font related typesetting process.

Since then, I have worked in editing, proofreading, computing and document formatting, coming back to typesetting.

I live in Canberra ACT Australia and work as an IT Contractor.  I have two children, now in their thirties and one grand-fur-baby.

Things I love doing

Travel and hiking – I love travelling particularly overseas.  Some of the places I’ve been to are Thailand, Cambodia, Bhutan, Nepal, Fiji, USA, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Peru and many countries in Europe.  My last trip before covid was Ireland, London, Washington DC, Pittsburgh and Chicago.  I have done a couple of hiking trips with my daughter – Machu Pichu and Annapurna Circuit.

Photography – my parents and grandmother were prolific photographers and I also love taking photographs.  Coupled with travelling I now have thousands of photographs which now need organising!  I am a little casual and more a point-and-click person so not a true photography enthusiast.

Family history – one of my long term passions!  I have been researching my family history since I was a teenager long before the internet, where post (snail mail) queries and personal visits were the only way to research.  As with most research some ancestral lines are easier to track back than others but the pursuit is very interesting and also combined with travel very interesting to visit and walk through the areas my ancestors lived.  I have started putting some stories together on my webpage Potted Histories

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