I provide a one-stop shop for authors who are self-publishing their book.  I work with you to produce a book you will be proud of, taking a lot of the stress out of the design, typesetting and options of the publishing journey.  My mission is to help you, the author, realise your dream of becoming a published author..

I provide an end-to-end service, from your manuscript to the finished publication.  I take your manuscript file and create publish-ready print files. I provide designs for book covers and content. I also create journals, newsletters, and marketing material. 

Whether you are publishing a non-fiction book, a work of fiction, your family history, a cookbook or a children’s book, I understand you have put your heart and soul into your manuscript.  Every project has unique requirements and challenges and I work with you to provide options and recommendations which will help create a final product you are proud to own and share.

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Recent Projects

Irish Settlers in South Australia
Bernadette Thakur (2020)
A 231 page family history book with over 70 charts, maps, illustrations, index and endnotes.
Peter Stanley (314 pp 2020)
One of two novels (total of 590 pages) continuing the saga of Mansergh. The books include maps, diagrams and illustrations.
The View from Out Here
Christine Crawford (2020)
A 289 page novel, content only (cover design by Bytes ‘n Colours).

Some Words From My Clients

Recently Rosemary McKenzie has skillfully prepared a manuscript for me to be printed.  During this time she listened attentively to my instructions, at times offered advice and helpful suggestions but always left the final decision to me.

Mid way through the process when a large amount of new material was made available to me she, with patience and understanding, made the many changes that were required.

I am delighted with the end result of my book, as are many others.

Patricia Frith
Rosemary has now designed, typeset and seen through the press, five of my books, and I’ll certainly be asking her to shepherd future books through production. She offers a very comprehensive service. She’s trained in ‘old school’ printing terminology and technology, but also in the most up-to-date digital processes, which means that she presents your material and liaises with printers to get the result you want.
I’ve been impressed with how she’s highly competent across the gamut of book production, including design and typesetting of text, but also with the incorporation of maps and images and with the design of covers, and she has a sharp eye for typos and inconsistencies you’ve overlooked! In all of this she offers practical options while respecting the client’s preferences. Most importantly, she’s responsive, reliable and creative in making suggestions and recommendations.
Rosemary has been a tremendous asset in producing my books and I’d be very glad to commend her to other authors.
Prof. Peter Stanley - Canberra

Rosemary’s assistance was not just invaluable, it was absolutely indispensable for me. As a beginner and complete amateur when it came to converting a manuscript into a self-published yet polished book, I look back in amazement at the professionalism, attention to detail and patience that Rosemary brought to the task. When I had finished writing my family history, I was at a loss as to how to turn my Word document and illustrations (photographs, maps and charts) into a book. Rosemary came to my rescue. I had some ideas about what I wanted my book to look like, but I knew nothing about formatting, layout and design. Rosemary was my guide and mentor on that steep learning curve.

When my book was reviewed I was pleased to see that the reviewer praised Rosemary by name:
This is also a handsome book. Great thought has gone into its design and format … Rosemary McKenzie’s design enhances it beautifully Tintean Book Review

Bernadette Thakur

The Process Produces Results


In the complimentary initial discussion we will discuss your project and the materials already gathered. I will advise rates, expectations and any further steps required before I begin work.


Finalise the requirements, initial set up of your book template with chapter and text font, spacing and formatting examples, decorative section breaks and image layout examples.


I take all your material and turn it into a formatted work. I work with you to achieve a result that you are happy with and are proud of.


There may be several iterations of review and update with printed and/or electronic proofs for your review.


It’s now off to the printer! I work with your printer to provide the files in a print ready format.

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